Monday, April 11, 2011

Coupon Crazy

Okay after months of falling behind on my couponing I decided after today I was NO longer going to be behind. I've spent months trying to organize just the right couponing system for myself. So far so good right? I found a really nice zippered day runner type organizer at the thrift store practically brand new and unused. I spent less than 4 dollars for it. Then I wanted to organize it with pockets from Staples and I bought 3 packs of them, but I used my Staples rewards from turning in my recycled ink. So after months of planning and organizing and clipping my stack of coupons I placed them in my book today...ONLY TO REALIZE THAT I CAN'T CLOSE MY ORGANIZER NOW!!! So as I was saying the past few months that I'm not rolling with the big dogs (all those coupon Divas) and carrying around a large notebook...ha ha...looks like I'm going to have to totally reorganize my book into a LARGE one. O well, at least I've got all my coupons clipped and separated. Now if I could only find some money to go shopping?????

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